INEL – MONTAŽA is up to 2001. worked within the company of Montmontaža d.d., and since then has operated as an independent company.

More than 60 employees (including one electrical engineer and 15 electrical engineers), high technical resources, up-to-date work with state-of-the-art materials and methods, complex technical tests and measurements, and excellent financial results, rank INEL – ASSEMBLY among the leading electrical engineering installation companies in the Republic of Croatia.

Permanent education of employees at all levels, with constant practical training on the most demanding projects, provide our customers with exceptional quality of services we offer.

The main business activities of the company are in its own business premises, about 350 m2, in Zagreb, Dane Duić 3.

The company has the latest generation of test equipment for testing electrical power and electro-engineering installations and equipment, as well as the appropriate mechanization, workshop and warehouse space at Žitnjak in Zagreb.

A large number of references are a sign of the trust we enjoy with our domestic and foreign partners.

Our core business is:

construction and erection of industrial plants and business facilities (works in the field of power and electro-engineering),
testing, commissioning and maintenance of facilities and facilities,
installation, testing, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment and installations in areas exposed to explosive atmospheres (Ex spaces),
production of installation equipment and accessories and
preparation of project technical documentation.