INEL – MONTAŽA offers complete technical solutions, equipment and services in the field of electrical engineering. Technical solutions are designed to meet customer’s requirements and needs. By taking into consideration the demands on energy efficiency and taking environmental care we create value for our clients and our business.

Motivated and competent employees:

Continuous investment in education and training of our employees is the guarantee of their motivation and competence, which has a direct impact on their business and client relationship. Permanent employee care is a guarantee of our customer service and customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers:

Tracking the market demands and expectations of our customers is one of our core business settings. By designing the technical solutions and services we offer to our customers, we strive to meet their demands.

Responsible Behavior:

By respecting laws and regulations, international standards and taking into account business ethics we permanently contribute to the quality of our services, to the environment and to the health and safety of our employees. Processes are what lead us into managing the company, now and in the future.